Zsuzsi Morrison



Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1988, Zsuzsi Morrison has created individual and one off  enamel  pieces  by  hand.  Her  original  desire  to  study  fine  art  has  greatly  influenced  her  work.  Her painting  and  want  for  colour  in  her  jewellery  led  her  to  specialise  in  the  field  of  enamelling.  Using traditional  enamelling  techniques  to  express  modern  concepts,  her  work  has  a  distinct  avant-garde personal  language. Zsuzsi’s  jewellery  is  imbued  with  a  joyful  exuberance.  The  jewel-like  intensity  she achieves in her colour palette is re-invented through this ancient process in her hands. Zsuzsi’s exquisite detailing on even the reverse sides of her pieces is testimony to the meticulous care in the hand making and finishing of every piece that leaves her studio. This subtlety and attention to detail might be a tiny heart  motif  or  kiss  on  the  clasp  of  a  chain,  a  bright  gestural  fleck  of  intense  colour  dancing  across  a surface, or an unrepeatable drawn line pressed into the surface of the gold and silver which acts as the canvas she paints on. Poised somewhere between jewellery, sculpture and paintings, Zsuzsi Morrison’s work could be described as modern day talismans or amulets, each piece an individual work of art. Her pieces are in many private collections and exhibited in galleries and design shops in London, Barcelona, Amsterdam,  Hong  Kong,  the  USA  and  UK.  Outlets  include  CAA  and  Brook  Gallery.  She  also  makes work to commission.

Artist Statement

I  combine  painting,  reworked  icons and  marks,  fine  silver,  22ct  gold  and  glass,  through  fire,  to  create modern  relics.  The  processes  and  skills  for  producing  enamel  work  are  exacting,  requiring  technical expertise in the design and construction of a piece, an understanding of chemistry and the exactitude of firing of enamel. In essence, enamelling is glass bonded to metal by the action of fire. Firing transforms the enamel and gives the entire process a feeling of alchemy. I use traditional techniques of enamelling in  a  contemporary  context,  and  am  fascinated  by  blurring  the  boundaries  between  materials,  styles, times and thinking, values and perceptions.  Through the precision and complexity of the handmade object, I aim to balance opposing elements: the deliberate  drawn  quality  of  my  lines  in  tension  with  the  more  fluid  and  unpredictable  aspects  of enamelling, such as the subtle shifts and flow of colour emerging as it vitrifies, and by playing with and re-inventing   symbols   imbued   with   meaning   for   the   modern   wearer.    It   is   in   the   variability   and eccentricities  of  making  pieces  in  series  that  things  become  exciting.  For  me,  the  maker’s  hand  is implicit in and essential to each piece, in contrast  to the  erasure  of the  individual mark so prevalent  in the digital age.


Sidmouth, Devon


Exeter College of Art and Design


BA Hons 1st 3DD Metals WSCAD
MA Jewellery and Silversmithing – Royal College of Art – London


  • GWR Best Maker in the South West 2016: Contemporary Craft Festival – Bovey Tracey – Devon

Professional & Membership    

  • Contemporary Applied Arts – London
  • Brook Gallery – Devon
  • Devon Guild of Craftsmen
  • Devon Guild of Craftsmen Selection Committee – Jewellery – 2007 – 2011


  • Devon Open Studios – The Studio, Hunger Hill Yurts – September 2017
  • Dazzle OXO Tower – London – November 2017 – January 2018
  • Crux Craft Fair – December 2017
  • Christmas Show – Victoria Sewart Gallery Plymouth



  • Contemporary Craft Festival – Bovey Tracey – Devon – June 2017


  • Spacex Gallery Exeter – Honeyscribe Hive Project: Bees and The Art of Pollination – Group Exhibition
  • Contemporary Craft Festival 10 – 12 June 2016 Mill Marsh Park – Bovey Tracey – Devon
  • Dazzle at Dovecot 2016 – Edinburgh
  • Dazzle @ OXO 2016 – London
  • Open Studios – DAN – September 2016


  • Dazzle at Dovecot – Edinburgh
  • Dazzle @ OXO – London


  • Brook Gallery – Devon


  • caa- Contemporary Applied Arts BHF Exhibition – Target The Heart.

2010 – 2011

  • The Contemporary Craft Fair – Bovey Tracey Devon

2008 – 2009

  • Playing With Fire – British Society of Enamellers :
  • Touring Exhibition :
  • Devon Guild of Craftsmen – Bovey Tracey
  • Shire Hall Gallery – Stafford
  • The Visual Arts centre – Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
  • Rhyll Arts Centre – Wales
  • Craft in the Bay – Cardiff
  • Bilston Craft Centre – Wolverhampton
  • Cheltenham Art Gallery – Gloucester


  • Ring Show – Yorkshire Sculpture Park


  • MADE – Yorkshire Sculpture Park


  • Body Conscious – Crafts Council Shop – V&A Museum
  • Hands On! – Contemporary Applied Arts


  • Contemporary Applied Arts – London


  • Design Yard – Dublin
  • Roger Billcliffe Fine Art- Glasgow
  • Society of Arts & Crafts- Boston- USA


  • Showcase Jewellery – Crafts Council Shop – V&A Museum
  • Introducing Contemporary British Jewellery – Boston – US


  • Art Rages – Amsterdam
  • Summer Show – Hipotesi – Barcelona – Spain


  • Showcase Jewellery – Contemporary Applied Arts – London
  • Oxford Gallery – Oxford
  • Roger Billcliffe – Fine Art – Glasgow


  • Rings – Leeds City Gallery
  • Your Heart in a Box – Gallery V&V – Vienna – Austria
  • Chelsea Crafts Fair – London


  • Summer Show – Contemporary Applied Arts – London
  • Chelsea Crafts Fair – London
  • Scottish Gallery – Edinburgh


  • Gifts for Valentines – Crafts Council Shop – V&A Museum
  • Mettle – Butlers Wharf – London
  • Triennale du Bijou – Musee des Arts Decoratifs Paris
  • New Jewellery in Mixed Metals – NEC – Birmingham
  • Contemporary Enamelling – The Scottish Gallery


  • Metalware at the Barbican – London


  • Off the Cuff – Crafts Council Shop, V&A Museum – London
  • Artefacto 3 – Lisbon – Portugal
  • Enamelled Jewellery – Hipotesi – Barcelona – Spain


  • “Crafts in May” – Galerie Helga Malten – Dortmund -Germany


  • Summer Show – Contemporary Applied Arts – London


  • Dazzle – London, Manchester, Edinburgh


  • The Times, The Independent, Western Morning News, Crafts Magazine, Art Aurea, Country Living, Retail Jeweller, Sketching School – Quarto Publishing


  • Crafts Council Grant

1990 – 1999

  • Visiting Lecturer at :
  • West Surrey College of Art and Design
  • Leicester Polytechnic
  • London Guildhall University
  • Crafts Council Index